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Anne Toba

Anne Toba

Founder & CEO
What made you establish Ripples USA?
Ripples USA started life as BME Concern, to help women who come to the UK from overseas, and ethnic minority women who are suffering from violence and don’t know their rights, and to help Eastern European new arrivals settle in after the collapse of the Berlin wall. Women were offered support by signposting them to Government and non-profit support services.

My goal was to eventually serve the women in villages in Africa, having experienced the impact of the misuse of culture on women myself. If I, a MSc degree holder, could be exposed to gender inequality, and abuse resulting the misinterpretation of cultural norms, what chance did the average African village woman stand? Doing nothing to alleviate the suffering of the African village woman, after my experience was for me, not an option.

What is the best thing about working at ripples?
The feeling that I get, when I see how our programme has directly impacted the lives of women and their children, is why I work with Ripples. To actually see the women and communities impacted by Ripples work, to see change in people and see the person behind the suffering is very satisfying.
Top of my bucket list:
Sailing around the world.
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