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A child without a mother to invest in his/her future cannot grow to fight the environmental and social challenges facing Africa, and we simply could not do our work without people like you! Our programs are vital to giving African women a hand-up to take control of their own future, better support their families, and strengthen their communities. Investing in women today multiplies the impact of those investments, as women invest in building a better life for their children, families, and their communities.

Make your tax-deductible Donation here.

A donation today will have a massive ripple effect for years to come. More children in school, more women in control of their lives, and more communities thriving from the sustainable success of local women businesses.

Rest assured that your donation will go towards programs co-designed, and co-developed with the women beneficiaries, ensuring that the programs are more easily adopted and updated and for women who take ownership and are passionately involved in the Projects.

Ripples USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN:47-3722946).
Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Donate from your Donor Advised Fund

Many donors already use Donor Advised Funds (DAF) and they are now the fastest-growing giving method. DAF is growing in popularity with donors as Donor Advised Funds allow donors to make a charitable contribution, and receive an immediate tax deduction.

As we rely on the gifts we receive from our donors to continue to impact on the lives of thousands of lives of the women and families we support in Africa, Ripples continues to explore ways to improve the user experience and make it easy for our supporters to donate. RIPPLES USA is proud to partner with DAF and offer DAF as another option to make a donation. We understand the process of Donor Advised Fund giving and IRS regulations, and we know that this can be a choice for many donors.

Donations we receive from Donor Advised Funds can be applied to wherever the needs of our women are greatest or aligned with the areas that match the areas our supporters are interested in, these can be our Women Enterprise, Stakeholder Farming, Medical Outreach or Internship Programs.

Donors from Fidelity Charitable, Schwab charitable and BNY Mellon can also designate where the funds can be applied when they make your donation.

Ripples USA’s Tax ID is: 47-3722946. If need more information, please contact us on 314 930 9222 or email

What your Support will do

Medical Outreach

Your $30 Gift will

Provide Medical Outreach for a Woman or Child

Stakeholder Farming - woman with peppers

Your $100 Gift will

Provide One Year of Seeds for a Woman Farmer

Medical Outreach

Your $220 Gift will

Provide Primary School Uniforms & Fees for a Child

Madagascar Pottery Wheel

Your $600 Gift will

Provide a Pottery Wheel

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