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Lend a hand to Africa women. Give women the resources they need to improve their families and communities. Whether you donate money, your time, or your expertise, your humble contribution can benefit entire communities for generations.   Join us and Create ripples of change.

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Individual Donation

Donate directly to Ripples USA, helping to fund our programs co-developed with village women. Your donations can help a woman set up her own business, put a child through school, buy an irrigation pump or seeds for a women-owned farm, or provide medical attention to those in desperate need.

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Africa is on the rise, and you can help us make change happen. Whether it’s through Ripples Remote – our Remote volunteering program, or flying out to our projects yourself, your contributions will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

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Get Involved - Sponsorships


Ripples is providing the tools necessary to bring about sustainable businesses, deliver education programs, and bring overall economic stability to African villages, but we cannot do it without the help of corporate and community sponsors!

Fundraisers, in-kind donations, and workplace giving are some of the methods that allow businesses and communities to promote social responsibility while also fostering investment in both Ripples and the African communities we work in. However you want to get involved, Ripples women and children are grateful for your help.

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