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Our Mission

To equip women with the tools, training and resources needed to feed, generate income to control their future and secure their children’s future.

We co-create programs with each community, collaborating with government bodies to build holistic solutions tailored to each community’s unique needs.

Our programs aim to train, build and scale. We work with women and youth, training them on modern, eco-friendly agriculture techniques to help them transform their economies to be a more inclusive, productive and sustainable one.

Our Approach

Every community has its own unique culture, traditions and beliefs. Our approach honors these traditions and respects that it makes the community unique.

We co-design our programs working directly with the women and youth. They’re better able to describe the pain they feel. We work with them to stop the pain where it hurts, building on existing practices that are positive, knowledge and strengths that helped them survive to date, and yet vastly improving the programs through our techniques to make them far more profitable and sustainable.

We only deploy co-designed programs, through women and youth to build their own independence and personal accountability, while promoting engagement and accountability at every level of the project delivery.

What We Value

Working with Women

Empowering women, to build a nation. We Give a hand-up to a mother to create a home for a child, the future of the nation. Raise the hand of an adolescent girl, and inspire her to LEAD.

Women are at the centre of development and culture in African village communities. Ripples gives women a voice, the power to fight for matters that matter to them and their children; education, health and security for their children. By giving women control on their livelihood, we give them a future they can control.

Working with Youth

We build a home for Africa’s future. We make ripples of change in communities, to secure Africa’s future.

By involving the youth in new techniques of farming, they acquire skills to set up their own businesses, while respecting the earth for their collective future, and educate the girl child  to have the same chances in life as the male child.



Ripples was founded in 2005 under the name BME Concern, and registered by the Charity Commission UK.

Ripples USA then started its work in Africa in 2011, delivering women empowerment programs by Ripples Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and most recently Ripples Madagascar.

Established in 2015, Ripples USA is where our operations headquarters now operates.

Why Ripples USA

Why Ripples USA

Through our programs, Ripples USA equips women and youth with the tools, training, and resources needed for them to take control of their future, better support their families, and strengthen their communities.

We co-create programs with each community, collaborating directly with local governing bodies, its women, and its youth to build holistic, sustainable solutions tailored to each community’s unique needs.

Our programs aim to develop the capacities of women to help them start their businesses and invest in their communities.

We find causes to support through direct community input. Depicted is a town hall held in Ogidi, Nigeria

Our Leadership

Our small core team has experience in startups, philanthropy, behavioral science, international relations, and engineering.

This diverse and experienced leadership team works with our expansive network of skilled part-time and volunteer members on the ground.

Our members work in media, programs, and marketing departments to bring Ripples USA projects to life. Their dedication to our cause is crucial to our operations across 4 countries, and the delivery of vital projects to women, youth, and entire communities in rural Africa.

Annual Report

Our Financial Statements chart the journey from our inception in 2005 in the UK, to our relocation to our new home in the USA. As we settle and learn, we’re counting on you to join us to continue to ‘Give a Hand Up,’ generating Ripples of change in African communities.

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